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USL Academy + Super Y Partnership

Veo is the portable and affordable recording solution for USL and Super Y teams. Together with the USL and Super Y league, Veo is here to help make this process of recording, watching and analyzing easier and more affordable. Veo will be onsite at Super Y National Finals to capture games as part of our strategic partnership, to further develop the use of video at the grassroots level.

Teams and clubs affiliated with Super Y League are entitled to claim a $200 discount on the purchase of a Veo camera through our strategic partnership.

This offer is eligible with the purchase of a 1 or 2-year subscription at the team, club, or enterprise level. Please enter your information in the form below to receive your discount code that can be used in the Veo webshop or by booking a call with a sales representative.

 What is Veo?
Veo’s AI powered software uses neural networks and computer vision to automatically detect the ball’s possession and digitally pans and zooms in the recording. This gives the appearance of a moving camera that follows the action around the pitch even though the match is filmed with a static mounted camera.

When your match is processed, coaches and players can watch the footage on Veo’s platform. In the interactive video player, Veo’s AI marks goals and kickoff and you can use drag and drop functionality to mark your own highlights.

Veo and SYL have partnered in an effort to develop players through a highly competitive league structure and video analysis. Together Veo and USL belief video should be used as a resource to analyze the game as a team and educate the individual players.

"Veo is state of the art! It not only provides our staff with great match analysis, but also really helps our players identify in games where they have created positive moments. This helps our players improve through the visual learning process."

Daniel PriceLiverpool FC IA-Michigan Super Y Director

"The USL is at the forefront of not only youth development but providing key professional pathways to adults as well. Veo is proud to partner with USL to provide the Super Y league teams and clubs with the necessary resources to record and analyse their games. This long term partnership will allow teams to capture their games and practices easily and more affordably"

Lee HudsonUS Market Manager, Veo

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