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SAY Soccer x Veo

Veo is the ultimate sports camera to record, stream and analyze your soccer game. Veo is excited to announce a 3-year partnership with SAY Soccer to provide them with best in class Video Capture and Analysis Solutions for all of SAY Soccer and it's members.

Video and analysis are fast becoming the cornerstone of both coach and player development, as well as a tool used to create lifelong memories in sport.

Veo, founded in 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark, has developed an intelligent sports camera platform that enables sports teams of all levels to record and stream matches automatically in high definition, alongside an analytics platform that allows users to analyze their games and share the best highlights.

Veo is committed to helping develop athletes across the United States enabling teams to capture their games and practices at an affordable price is one way we can do this. All SAY Soccer members will receive a 20% ($200) discount on their camera.

This offer is eligible with the purchase of a 1 or 2-year subscription at the team, club, or enterprise level. Please enter your information in the form below to receive your discount code that can be used in the Veo webshop or by booking a call with a sales representative.

"We are thrilled to be welcoming SAY Soccer to the Veo partner family" said Jono Callaghan "Head of US Partnerships" at Veo. "SAY Soccer speaks to the mission of Veo to 'Democratize sports technology for all'. We're excited to work with the SAY Soccer members, and to introduce sports technology to many of them for the very first time. Veo is committed to providing the best in class sports technology tools to soccer teams to allow them to record and share their games with friends and families, so they never have to miss a moment. We look forward to the next chapter together with SAY Soccer and to continue making a significant impact in driving the game forward in the US youth and grassroots space".
Jono Callaghan
US Market Lead - Veo

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