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Girls Academy x Veo

Veo, the portable and affordable recording solution for Girls Academy teams. As the leagues official video provider, the Girls Academy will be donating $200 towards the cost of each teams Veo Camera. Girls Academy teams are required to film home games as part of their league commitments, Veo together with the Girls Academy, are here to help make this process easier and more affordable.

Veo and Girls Academy are continuing their strategic partnership by empowering teams to capture their games and practices.

Video and analysis are fast becoming the evolution of both coach and player development. The ability to coach after the game is finished and watch the footage back subjectively, only increases the accuracy of feedback to players.

For players themselves, having access to game footage and the ability to create highlights during key moments of the game, helps develop their off the field awareness.

Veo is committed to helping develop female athletes across the US. Enabling teams to capture their games and practices at an affordable price is one way we can do this. All Girls Academy teams will receive a standard $200 discount on their camera.

This offer is eligible with the purchase of a 1 or 2-year subscription at the team, club, or enterprise level. Please enter your information in the form below to receive your discount code that can be used in the Veo webshop or by booking a call with a sales representative.

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"On behalf of Veo and myself, we’re extremely excited to continue our partnership with the Girls Academy. The league has done an incredible job providing a high level of competition to female athletes across the county. Veo is proud to support the Girls Academy mission and provide an automated solution for capturing and analyzing both games and practices."

Jono CallaghanUS Market Manager, Veo

“We’re thrilled to step into the future of the Girls’ Academy alongside Veo as our partner. Their commitment to providing technology that enhances player development aligns perfectly with our goals. In today’s age, the significance of quality video footage as a teaching tool cannot be overstated. With Veo, we’re equipped with a product that sets a high standard, empowering our clubs to excel. We eagerly embrace the opportunity to elevate our game with Veo by our side.”

Patricia HughesCommissioner

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