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Veo and the prestigious youth football tournament Donosti Cup join forces to bring the football experience to a whole new level!

Simplified Match Recording

Thanks to Veo's technology, the majority of matches played at the Donosti Cup will be recorded. Our revolutionary automatic camera captures every exciting moment on the pitch, from the goals to the most spectacular plays. Teams and players will be able to relive their highlights over and over again.

Access to Veo Analytics

But that's not all. All coaches will have access to Veo Analytics for the matches recorded through the Donosti Cup's Veo cameras. This means they will be able to analyze each match in detail, breaking down every move, tactic and strategy. Whether they are looking to improve defense, study player positioning or evaluate individual performance, Veo Analytics will be able to provide valuable information to help them win the trophy.

Bring Your Own Veo

We encourage all clubs to bring their own Veo to the tournament! If you don't have a Veo Cam 3 yet, don't worry. We offer a special discount of 200€ for those who buy online or book a call through our form below.

It's the perfect opportunity to take your football analysis to the next level!

At Veo, we believe that every moment on the pitch counts. Whether you're competing for the title or simply enjoying the games, our technology is here to capture and improve your football experience. See you at the Donosti Cup!

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