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Soccer coaches on their use of Veo: "It's an evolution"
January 7th 2021
Anna Louise Fjelldal

We have taken a trip to the beautiful city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Here we visited Major League Soccer's CF Montréal to chat about their use of video recording and Veo in the academy. 

In the beautiful city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada, we visited Major League Soccer’s CF Montréal, formerly Montreal Impact. 

At Centre Nutrilait, the training ground of CF Montreal, formerly Montreal Impact, we had an exciting conversation with Video Analyst Maxime Chalier and U17 Head Coach Jason Di Tullio. Here we gained insight into how video technology has changed the game from the coach’s perspective. 

Technology is going to be a massive part of coaching

A photo of Maxime Chalier, the Video Analyst for CF Montreal

“If you don’t keep up with the technology, all the other clubs, all the other academies will do, and for sure they will improve more than you, so technology is going to be a big importance of the game,” says Chalier. 

Chalier believes that technology will be a massive part of coaching in the upcoming years.

“All the MLS academies now have one analyst or someone taking care of video analysis, and we see that all the teams are working a lot with data,” says Chalier. 

“The players in this generation are very interested in watching themselves, and they’re always connected to their phone or laptop, so it’s very easy to give them videos and say: Watch this and tell me what you did well and what you didn’t,” says Chalier.

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With the technology, the coaches can increase the process going forward for each of the players' development. 

“It’s definitely an evolution. It’s not only about coaching and having those conversations but now having the technology to bring a visual to what we’re trying to say brings clarity and the players are definitely asking for it,” says Di Tullio.

What you do on the field never lies

ccer Players and Coach Reviewing Veo-Recorded Match - Analyzing Their Performance and Strategy with Veo soccer Advanced Technology

“We always say that what you do on the field doesn't lie. If you can show a little bit of a video of what you want, go on the field and actually work on it, you’re already advancing in the progression of every player,” says Di Tullio.

“I used to film myself all the games and right now, I can code live because Veo is doing the filming for me and I used to film from different angles but right now with Veo we have four different views,” says Chalier. 

“It’s a great soccer camera because it’s very easy and fast to set up so for us it's a perfect tool,” says Chalier. 

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