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Enhancing Your Game Analysis with Veo: Discover Veo's new Instant Playback feature and the new app redesign
October 23rd 2023
Frederik Hvillum

Get instant access to the moments that matter most with Veo’s new Instant Playback feature and the new app redesign.

In the fast-paced world of sports, having the ability to review and analyse critical moments during a match can make all the difference. With Veo's new feature, Instant Playback, coaches and players can now access immediate insights, transforming the way they approach their games.

Until now, not everyone had the luxury of conducting video analysis during matches. But with Veo's Instant Playback, this game-changing capability is now accessible to Veo users worldwide.

What does Instant Playback bring to the table? It enables users to view and review an entire match or specific moments in real-time or immediately after the match. Gone are the days of waiting for lengthy upload and processing times. Now, users can instantly access the moments that matter most, empowering them to analyse and share crucial situations with their players right from the sideline.

Coaches can now provide instant feedback, enhancing player performance and decision-making during the game. This immediate analysis and instruction can be a game-changer, especially in high-stress, time-critical situations.

But that's not all; alongside Instant Playback, Veo has introduced a user-friendly app redesign. Navigating the app has never been smoother, whether you're setting up your Veo camera to record matches or reviewing your recordings. The streamlined design ensures that you can focus on what truly matters – the game.

Learn more about the new feature in this video. 

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