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How Veo is helping your screamers to go viral
June 1st 2022
Frederik Hvillum

When Dovydas Kavaliauskas from FC Mosquito smashed the ball into the net, he could barely believe the goal he just scored. The same thing happened to Leatherhead FC player Alexander Sami. Both goals are now some of the most shared lower league goals on social media. And both were recorded with a Veo camera.

Had it not been for the fact that the match between Welwyn Warriors Res and Rose Crown Mosquito FC was recorded with a Veo camera, Dovydas Kavaliauskas' impressive bicycle kick might never have gone viral. The match was played in the Herts Advertiser Sunday Football League where several teams’ matches are recorded with Veo. And luckily for Kavaliauskas - and everyone else - this particular match was recorded with a Veo camera.

The goal was posted on social media and quickly went viral all over the world. To this date, the goal has been viewed more than two million times across all platforms.

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From Veo to the BBC

The goal reached all the way to the BBC, where Alex Scott and Martin Keown showed it on Football Focus. Here, Keown had the following comment on the goal:

“It's brilliant, amazing! Wherever you play football now, social media is there for you. I want to see a few inspired finishes this weekend up and down the country”.

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Since the beginning of Veo, we have had the ambition to democratise football - to make it possible for clubs around the world to record and share highlights from their matches on social media. And that our recordings go viral and hit Football Focus shows that we are doing something right.

How Alexander Sami made it to The Guardian

It's not just Kavaliauskas' goal that went viral. Last year, Alexander Sami scored an impressive goal for Leatherhead FC, who plays in The Isthmian League Premier Division.

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The goal was posted on Veo’s Instagram and quickly spread as it was reposted by several top footballing accounts. Even The Guardian shared it and described it as "an audacious flick".

Seeing the goal go viral made Sami really happy:

“It’s a great feeling, I’m sure any footballer who scored a good goal would be proud seeing their goal going viral. I’ve recently seen The Guardian’s article, and I feel blessed and I appreciate them for sharing it.”

Right after the match, Sami went to his manager to find out if the game was recorded, so he could watch the goal:

“I was checking with the manager if there was a camera operator recording the game. Honestly, I’m glad Veo is providing a chance for this moment to be captured on camera, not only for this specific goal but plenty of other amazing goals are being scored and not recorded and I’m glad this has happened.”

Veo is proud to have helped players record these special moments - moments that might otherwise have been missed.

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