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George Carter Knight and his unforgettable volley
September 14th 2023
Frederik Hvillum

The superb volley recorded on Veo, scored by George Carter Knight from Cowes Sports FC, went viral on social media with millions of views.

Imagine scoring a goal that catapults you to social media stardom in just two days. 

That's the incredible journey of George Carter Knight, a 25-year-old footballer from Cowes Sports Football Club, who recently became famous for a fantastic goal scored in the game against Brockenhurst FC in mid-August.

"It's definitely one of the best goals I've ever scored," he proudly states when asked about the goal. The sequence leading to the unforgettable goal was like watching a work of art come to life - a delicate touch, leaving two defenders in his dust, and then a jaw-dropping volley. "I'm just thankful someone caught it on camera," George Carter Knight says, emphasizing how rare it is to have such moments recorded.

Thinking back on the experience, George Carter Knight shares, "After the game, I was hoping that Veo had captured my goal perfectly." And it certainly did. The camera angle was spot-on, and the video quality was crystal clear, according to the social media superstar.

George Carter Knight appreciates the transformative power of Veo, saying, "In previous seasons, I have scored goals that have never been caught on camera and have always wished games got recorded for moments like these. It’s very refreshing knowing that each game now is being recorded with Veo”.

"When the ball headed for the top corner, I was genuinely surprised," George Carter Knight recalls with a chuckle. His envisioned play was different, but he quickly adapted to volley the bouncing ball. "The moment it hit the net, it felt incredible," he adds, always keeping an eye on Veo. "I was praying it had captured it all."


Off the field, George Carter Knight's friends and teammates couldn't contain their excitement about the goal. "They watched it on a loop," he proudly reveals.

The Cowes Sports FC player never expected his goal to go viral. "I saw it hit 18k views on Twitter, which was cool," he reminisces. But it didn't stop there. Prominent pages started sharing it, and millions of people tuned in. "The best part is the positive feedback," the number 10 from Cowes Sports FC mentions before he continues: "It's a great feeling."

George Carter Knight discovered Veo this season. "Signing up for Cowes Sports and finding out that they film every game for us to analyse and watch back is a game changer," he recalls. This revelation removed the stress of relying on someone to record each game. "With Veo, you just set it up, play, and forget the stress," George Carter Knight concludes.

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