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Chasing Dreams with Marley Morgan: The Remarkable Goal and Eddie Johnson's Mentorship
September 26th 2023
Frederik Hvillum

The soccer talent Marley Morgan is chasing her dreams on the pitch with Eddie Johnson as her mentor.

Marley Morgan from Florida is a young soccer player with big dreams, and one of her latest goals, which was shared on Veo’s social media channels, has everyone talking.

"When I scored that goal, I got so excited because I was able to score a goal in a big tournament at a time when my team needed a big goal," Morgan explains. She's not wrong; her goal was a game-changer. What made it even more special was that it followed an incredible defensive play by her teammate Anna. "I just remember everyone cheering loudly. It was so much fun when I think back to it," Morgan adds.

Morgan couldn't get enough of that fantastic goal. "Seeing it back on Veo, I’ve probably replayed it 1000 times!" she laughs. "The whole build-up to the goal is super cool. It’s also been cool to see it get love on Instagram," the 10-year-old mentions.

Morgan's friends and teammates were just as excited as she was. "Some of the things that friends and teammates say about the video are, 'That’s beautiful soccer,' or they just yell, 'Let’s go!'" she says with a smile.

Watch the goal on Veo's Instagram.

The help from a former USMNT player
Morgan's journey took an exciting turn when former USMNT player Eddie Johnson became her mentor. "Having Eddie as a mentor has been a dream come true," she tells us. Eddie noticed her skills on Instagram and reached out to her family. "The intensity and work ethic of Eddie and the kids in the Lab can’t be duplicated," she notes. Eddie inspires her to believe in herself, sets goals, and provides guidance to chase her dreams.

Eddie Johnson himself had high praise for Morgan's goal. "Eddie Johnson said that it was his favorite goal of the tournament," she reveals. People who watched the video were even surprised, wondering if they were really watching 8, 9, and 10-year-olds play.

Morgan's dreams reach beyond her current achievements. "For my career, I would like to one day play for the USWNT," she shares. She looks up to top players like Trinity Rodman, Alyssa Thompson, and Sophia Smith and hopes to be their teammates someday.

Veo plays a vital role in her soccer career. "It is great to watch back all the great moments like this goal, but it is also helpful to watch for things I can improve on," she explains. After a weekend of games, Morgan reviews matches with her family to find ways to get better.

Morgan's soccer journey is just beginning, and with her talent, there's no telling how far she'll go. We'll be keeping an eye on this talent as she continues to impress on the soccer field.

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